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Welcome! This page contains information and documents pertaining to The Mendenhall Cemeteries Assn., Inc.

2014 - 2015 Mendenhall Cemeteries Association, Inc.
Board Members

Mendenhall Cemeteries Association


Board of Directors

David Massey – President - masseydavidh@bellsouth.net

Betty Mangum – Secretary - mangumbettyk@aol.com

Miriam Hopkins – Treasurer - suehop@bellsouth.net

Perry Lee - plees35@gmail.com

Jimmy Weathersby - plees35@gmail.com

Gaye Sullivan – leslie.g.magee@gmail.com

Todd Booth - Boothtire@att.net

Tommy Lee - tommy.lee@raymondjames.com

Jan Magee – jwmagee@bellsouth.net

Allan Rankin - Curator - Benchmarkinsur@gmail.com



President: David Massey

Marshall Magee

- Betty Sue Mangum

- Miriam Hopkins

The Mendenhall Cemetery Association Inc. was established in 1997 to maintain and improve the Mendenhall Cemetery. Prior to 1997, the City of Mendenhall was repsonsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the cemetery property. Due to the enforcement of a state law prohibiting the city's involvement in the upkeep and maintenance, the city ceased responsibility. This action necessitated the need for private citizens to form the Association.

The Mendenhall Cemetery Association, Inc. has been empowered to establish rules and regulations for the cemetery and to acquire additional burial property as needed. In addition, the Association has established a Perpetual Care Fund to raise money for the upkeep and maintenance of the property.

Anyone who desires to share in the responsibility of supporting the effort involved in assuring well-kept grounds for loved ones or friends buried in the Mendenhall Cemetery may mail contributions to:

Mendenhall Cemetery Association, Inc.
C/O Treasurer
P.O. Box 838
Mendenhall, MS 39114-0838

The following manual has been developed for the purpose of defining the rules and regulations adopted by The Mendenhall Cemeteries Association, Inc. and will remain in force for the Mendenhall Cemetery, Mendenhall Mississippi. The cemetery is organized into two sections. The older section being named Mendenhall Cemetery and the new section being named Mendenhall Cemetery West. The rules and regulations of Section One of the manual apply to both cemetery sections, and the rules and regulations in Section Two apply only to the Mendenhall Cemetery West.

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Click HERE to view the Cemetery Fee Schedule

Click HERE to view Rules & Regulations

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2018 Newsletter


For donations or memorials, please mail check to:
            The Mendenhall Cemeteries Assn., Inc.
            P.O. Box  838
            Mendenhall, MS  39114

Questions? Contact David Massey: masseydavidh@bellsouth.net


Contact Us:
City of Mendenhall, Mississippi
City Hall 172 West Maud Avenue, P.O. 487
Mendenhall, MS 39114

Phone: 601-847-1212
E-mail: info@ci.mendenhall.ms.us